Slim Shaping

Slim Shaping

Slim Shaping

SlimShaping is designed to attack trouble areas with state-of-the-art laser technology, exercise and the latest and most effective diatary procedures. I use the word procedure because unlike most diets we are going to specifically target “can have” and “cannot have” foods and also focus on the times through the day in which you can have them.

The system is extremely easy to follow and not only eliminates fat at an extreme pace but also decreases inflammation and increases and individual’s energy. The program is designed and can be and should be continued indefinitely post your Slim Shaping program. After a one on one consult with the doctor you will be able to begin your new lifestyle change as soon as you make your next trip to the grocery store! Along with this new Lifestyle change you will be given a personal Water Ionizer. Our bodies are extremely acidic by drinking alkaline water we will rev up your metabolism, improve muscle function and digestive health along with a boost in you immune and elimination system.

  • non-invasiveup to 24% reduction in stubborn fat, per treatment
  • over 90% patient satisfaction rate
  • return to your normal activities immediately
  • see results as early as 6 weeks following treatment
  • optimal results typically seen at 12 weeks
  • treated fat cells are permanently eliminated

Pre and Post Exercise
To maximize our patients results we have designed a Pre and Post exercise routine which increases and individuals metabolic rate and also increases lymphatic flow. These two additions to the Sculpsure procedure greatly increases the elimination of the dead fat and the overall effectiveness of the procedure.

A week prior to the procedure your Weight and BMI will be measured. Our goal is to begin targeting the area to be treated with weight barring activity using MEDX core equipment and also to jumpstart the metabolic rate with 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. You will be required to attend two sessions prior to you SculpSure treatment. Home exercise is strongly recommended and specific recommendations will be made to fit individuals’ lifestyles.

After you initial SculpSure procedure you will be required to attend two 30 minute exercise sessions a week until your next SculpSure treatment in order to keep your body moving in the right direction. You must remember everything surrounding SlimShaping works in unison with each other, our goal is to get the absolute best results possible.

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