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Hartwood Chiropractic has the most integrative approach possible with every patient. We offer a variety of services, and manage cases with other providers.


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We objectively measure all of our results with state of the art technology and healthcare systems.

Our View:

“We all have the natural capacity to function grow and heal.  Life is a miracle.” Says Dr. LeDonne.   This natural ability can be compromised at neurological level by the impingement of nerves by misaligned vertebrae.  Our brain is the cornerstone of our existence.  It receives, processes and sends out billions of impulses every millisecond, to and from the body.  It does this by way of nerves.  It is this union between brain and body via the nervous system that keeps us healthy and avoids sickness.  The interruption of mental impulses not only causes pain, but results in an improperly functioning body.


​My 80 year old Mother was treated by Dr. LeDonne and his staff and they were all amazing. Dr. LeDonne lessened her pain and made her feel well. He was gentle and explained the next steps. The staff…


I was one of Dr. LeDonne first group of patients at Hartwood Chiropractic. He is very caring individual and cares about every patient in his practice. All of my children have seen him and I would recommend him…


Before I had a shot in my neck I was referred to Dr. LeDonne by my hair dresser. Dr. LeDonne really took the time to explain to me what he intended to do and gave me a time…